We all know the feeling sitting in our office 9-5, pursuing a career/job for the sole purpose of paying bills at the end of the month. We also know the twitching we get from time to time, the restlessness and the nagging at the back of our heads, contemplating how to break free from the norm, the routine. The desire to do something out of the ordinary, to become someone else, to do something else. What better avenue to explore than writing and becoming an author.

Whether this will become a hobby or turn into writing as a living, is totally up to you, but be wary, once you put pen to paper you may not be able to stop.

Here are our 3 compelling reasons for becoming a writer:

You Bring Stories To Life

As soon as the first strokes of your pen caress the paper, you breathe life into your story and characters. There are no limits to your imagination and you are free to create or erase; from mystical to political to romance. You have the gift of creating new worlds and you will be able to bring those worlds into people's lives, their homes and their minds. Writing is an escape, not just for the reader but also for the writer and what better escape is there than in a world that you have created? Writing is like therapy and expressing your feelings and emotions in your books is a good way of dealing with them. Plus, it is totally free, which is a bonus.

Be Your Own Boss

There is no set timetable for when to start and/or to finish your book. You are your own boss and can decide to write whenever it pleases you, be it during the day, at night or whenever you get a free moment from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You do not need to carry around heavy or cumbersome equipment; a pen and a notebook will suffice to jot down your ideas. This means that you can write wherever you go and let the world inspire you, be it nature or people.

You Are A Messenger To Your Readers

You were given the gift of writing and with that gift you can touch people's lives in many different ways. Through your books you will be able to pass on your knowledge, your ideas and philosophies to your readers. You will be able to draw your reader's attention to issues that occupy your mind, you will be able to direct their minds, make them reflect on the content of your work, inspire and motivate them and sometimes provide solace amidst the storm. All this by just putting pen to paper.

If those three reasons weren't compelling enough for you, we have one more reason for you to consider. In your book and in your story you can be your own hero. And with that we leave you to decide for yourself whether you just want to write one book or one of many.

Whatever choice you make, the team here at Publish Wiz can help you get your book published. Get in touch and let’s start your journey into the realm of authors.